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Secondary Health Insurance

Secondary health insurance is just that: Health insurance that comes through when your primary health insurance policy (generally one offered through your employer) won't come through or refuses to make payments.

Many policies these days suffer from numerous restrictions on what's covered, how much is covered, and how often you can be covered. Secondary health insurance may be able to fill the gaps in coverage that your employer's plan won't.

Unfortunately, many families don't realize the benefits of secondary health insurance. Some spouses opt for family coverage through both of their own employers' plans (basically known as "doubling up"). Doubling up may provide additional coverage - if one spouse's plan doesn't cover a treatment or prescription, for example, than the other's might. However, doubling up is costly and redundant. Additionally, family plans often require an employee contribution, and a Secondary Health Insurance plan is likely to be lower than the contribution of the second spouse for a doubled-up health insurance plan.

Secondary Insurance for Dependent Coverage

One instance in which the perfect opportunity for Secondary Health Insurance exists is one in which your employer-provided coverage may not offer benefits to dependents. Some employer plans only cover the worker, and families may be left without coverage for their spouses or dependents. Secondary health insurance can possibly cover any additional members of the family not covered by your employer's insurance, thereby protecting your entire family from the most financially debilitating of medical emergencies and treatments.

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